Steve grew up in the shadows of the industrial smoke stacks in the working class city of Allentown, Pa., and after his misspent youth Steve picked up his guitar and embarked on his rock n’ roll dreams birthing Steve’s musical style and the Steve Brosky Band, then Steve Brosky n’ the Buix, and finally Steve Brosky and the BBC, he started to work at area clubs and sitting in with other musicians. After sitting in with Dave Fry one night at The King George Inn, the Morning Call music editor Paul Willistein loves Steve’s performance of his original song “King of the Queen Victoria”. Paul and Steve become fast friends.

2013 “Steve Brosky Grateful” from the Lehigh Valley veteran singer-songwriter Steve Brosky. “Grateful” wasproduced by Dan M McKinney and was recorded and mastered at Dan’s House Studio, and is released under the Dans House Studio Records  label. Featuring on this CD with Steve is Jimmy Meyer on  guitar , Suavek Zaniesienko on bass , Jim Ruffi on drums and the horn section with Joe Vitale and Wayne Dillon also featured on “Grateful” is Dan McKinney on keyboard. What they’re saying….”Grateful” is probably Brosky’s best CD. Each of his recordings improves on the mix that runs through all his works. Street characters, hipster jive and swagger, love songs, cool Cadillacs, reminiscences, and social commentary are portrayed with what Brosky calls his combination of R&B and garage band music.

You can find influences from blues, folk, Americana and world music; each song has its own mood depending on the story Brosky wants to tell. His singing is unique, relaxed but still a bit edgy. It is conversational, as if he is talking to you about something, but he might as well sing about it since he happens to be holding a guitar. The backup on the CD varies from just acoustic guitar to a full band with a horn section….DAVE HOWELL 6 / 21 / 13

2007 “Steve Brosky Chronicles” is the sixth album from the Lehigh Valley veteran singer-songwriter Steve Brosky. “Chronicles” was produced by Dan M McKinney and was recorded and mastered at Dan’s House Studio, and is released under the Darktown Recordz label. Featuring on this CD with Steve is his Big Lil’ Band consisting of Jimmy Meyer (guitar), John Kacmarcik (bass), and Wayne “Paco” Maura (drums). Also featured on “Chronicles” is Dan McKinney on keyboard. The talented and lovely Sarah Ayers and Mary Hawkins drop by to contribute guest background vocals. New recruits to the Brosky brigade include former Hooter Eric Bazilian and newcomer Eric Tray. “Chronicles” stands apart from Brosky’s earlier, straightforward electrified roots rock. While still musically true to Brosky’s tavern-tested rock sound, as the album progresses a tone of alarm is sounded, and a gradual awakening to the sensibilities of a far more troubled world is revealed in the later songs.

Steve’s 2005 release of “TROUBLE”, demonstrates again the power of his voice and songwriting ability. Produced by Wayne Becker at Westwires Darktown Recordz.

In 2000, “LIMESTONE & JAMES”, engineered and produced by Dan McKinney, is recorded at Dan’s House Studio and released on Seminal Street Records. Drummer Dave Ferrara, bassist Bill Melcher, and former Marah guitarist Bruce Langfeld make up the rhythm section; guitar contributions are made by Gary Dillon, Kid Bangham, Ken Siftar, and Mike Dugan. The live feel of the basic tracks shines through

His 1995 release “ANY MINUTE NOW” follows an Allentown Theater Outlet production of Steve’s one-man show, “Works in Progress”. Steve’s character “Hey Man” is based in part on his own experience of his misspent youth. Produced & arranged by Mike Krisukas, the CD is one of Bummer Tent Records’ first releases.

1986 gives Steve a chance to work with New York City producer Doug Yeager on “WILD N’ DUTCH”.

The 1985 release of “15th ST. BLUES” and “GET OUT” gets airplay on the coattails of “DO THE DUTCH”.

In 1983 Steve’s song about Allentown, “DO THE DUTCH” becomes a regional hit garnering critical praise. Dave Marsh of The Village Voice names the record one of the top ten albums of the year in 1983 and both Steve and Billy Joel are given the key to the city of Allentown.

On December 8, 1980, upon hearing the shocking news of John Lennon’s death, Steve and Paul write “THE BALLAD OF JOHN LENNON,” a heartfelt tribute to one of their idols. Within 4 days Steve’s in the studio with Paul, Scott, Pat Wallace recording “THE BALLAD OF JOHN LENNON.” It’s his first recording. That weekend, Lehigh Valley rock station WZZO plays the song only once, but it’s enough to convince Steve that his voice belongs “on the radio.”